Rebounding After Trauma

How one family turned tragedy into something cuddly for everyone.

Foothill Ranch, CA – October 5, 2016 – People like to be comfortable. CuddleMax keeps you warm and cozy with their new design – the BearHug Blanket – a wearable blanket with a message of love.

Designed with soft, durable fleece fabric and reinforced stitching for durability and a customizable embroidered design, the BearHug blanket is handmade in the USA and is great for sporting events, camping or snuggling up while reading or watching TV. Developed to give you a big bear hug, you can wear the CuddleMax BearHug blanket or fold it into a pillow for easy storing or travel.

The CuddleMax BearHug Blanket was developed after tragedy struck the owners not once but twice in 2015, major losses bookended the year. They lost their first baby, a boy, born halfway through the pregnancy. “We named him Maximus. I needed to keep my hands busy, my arms felt so empty. Scott, my husband, bought me new sewing equipment and I went to town making baby blankets,” says Julie Greco, owner and designer.

The kids loved their satin-edged blankets embroidered with their name, and more were requested. After their second baby, a daughter named Laura, passed away in the NICU in December of the same year, the BearHug blanket was conceived.

“Losing Laura was traumatic, I was cold to the bone and far from our family after our babies died. Part of me wanted to hibernate and another part wanted to live wrapped in a big bear hug,” says Julie.

The BearHug blanket is considered ‘wearable comfort’ and addresses a few needs. The blanket is worn wrapped around your shoulders with pockets to keep your head and hands warm in the cold. The BearHug blanket folds into itself, forming a pillow.

“I love cozy blankets but I’ve never liked all the throws laying on my couch or having to find a place to keep them all. I designed the BearHug blanket to fold for easy storing and it doubles as a decoration for your home.” The BearHug blanket keeps your couch uncluttered and decorated with your style.

“I feel like I’m sending out a little comforting love with every blanket. I hope that people enjoy these BearHug blankets, that they feel wrapped in a big Bear Hug.”

You can purchase a BearHug Blanket at with options to customize to your style. In lieu of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, CuddleMax is giving 20% off all BearHug blankets ordered on the website. Use code ‘RAINBOW’ at checkout.

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