Black Moon September 2016

A Black Moon sounds wicked and spooky. I imagine witches flying on their broomsticks, unseen in the dark of the night or someone creeping through the woods at night using only a lantern for their light. What a Black Moon means though, is far from creepy, it’s actually a good time. A black moon is basically the opposite of a blue moon. When there are two full moons in one month, it’s considered a blue moon. When there are two new moons in one month, it’s a Black Moon. This is the most popular definition of a black moon, though there are others.

Black Moon 2016

Astrology vs. Astronomy

In astrology, the Black Moon represents a powerful time of introspection and coming closer to understanding your true self. In astronomy, the moon isn’t seen because it rises and sets with the sun and is so close to the sun that we can’t see it. The black moon is considered a time of true balance, acceptance, purging the the old and bringing in the new, a time to look within yourself and accept and love who you are. A time to change what you perceive to be truth to what is actually true.

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