Mele Kalikimaka! I lived in Hawaii for a few months during an internship after college and fell in love. Hawaiian culture is fun-loving, easy-going, a little quirky and laid-back. Taking the time to relax and be yourself, doing things you love and connecting with nature are necessary components to the Hawaiian lifestyle, which is excellent because no matter how incredible Hawaii is, people work hard to live there. I was inspired by the culture of Hawaii and have incredible memories, with much thanks to my family who helped broaden my horizons. One of my favorite artists lived and created there, Peggy Chun, who passed away in 2008 from ALS. No matter what parts of her body she lost function of, Peggy never quit doing what she loved. Her faith was inspiring.

Peggy inspired so many, her family and friends cared for her and her business. I know it wasn’t easy, but they supported her so she could continue to do what she loved. I witnessed them help her in so many ways, there was a group called “Peg’s Legs” who cared for Peggy night and day; she was almost totally paralyzed. When she lost the ability to paint with her hands, she began painting with her mouth. When she couldn’t hold the brush in her mouth any longer, there was technology designed that allowed her to paint with her eyes. I was lucky to meet her a few times, both before and after her diagnosis, and attend one of her birthdays and an art gallery showing with her friends and family. She had a presence about her that had me so intrigued, a love of feeling, love and compassion that you might not expect from someone who had to rely on others not just for a ride somewhere, but to breathe. That’s the most ultimate trust and faith one could have in another person. Peggy wasn’t the only inspiration, but her whole crew.

I designed this apron with the bright colors found naturally in Hawaii, the quirky side of Hawaiian culture and my affection for Peggy’s style. The base of the apron has dancing sandy snowmen and snow-women, enjoying the holidays in true island style – on the beach. The apron pockets and straps are a sparkly turquoise blue fabric that reminds me of the ocean waves at Kailua Beach, each are adorned with embroidery designs. The top pocket has a rainbow design and reads “Mele Kalikimaka” meaning ‘Merry Christmas’ in Hawaiian. A sparkly pineapple and a palm tree decorated for the holidays adorn the lower pockets, for the hostess and pineapple plantations of Hawaii. The pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and I’ve always wanted to have a palm tree for my Christmas tree. The edging is the bright fuchsia pink of the hibiscus flower and the pockets are double-stitched and reinforced with decorative stitching around the edges for durability. The waist straps have ‘Hawaiian Christmas’ embroidered in the same hibiscus flower fuchsia pink as the edging.

I love this apron, it’s so fun and flirty. I almost want to keep it for myself! I hope you feel relaxed and carefree while you’re making your Christmas cookies, wrapping holiday gifts, or entertaining and making Christmas dinner. You can purchase this apron here.

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