Creating the Halloween 2016 Special Edition BearHug Blanket was so much fun! I love choosing fabric and threads, choosing colors and textures to make something unique. Crafting the blanket was a challenge and took a little longer than expected for the embroidery to complete, but the result was fantastic! The 2016 Halloween BearHug Blanket will decorate my couch every Halloween from here on out. One of the blankets I made extra-special as our GIVEAWAY prize. Sign up for our newsletter, follow, like and share on social media and be entered to win a CuddleMax Halloween 2016 BearHug Blanket!

Halloween is such a fun time of the year with all the decorations and costumes, pumpkins and deep, bright colors. I enjoyed haunted houses and hayrides and wanted to create something that brought fun and spooky together. As I perused through the embroidery designs I have on hand thinking about what the Halloween 2016 design should be, I found 3 images that made for a spooky haunted house scene: a haunted house, crescent moon with stars and clouds, and a bat. Alright! I tested the design and it looked great! Coming up with the right color scheme was next.

For the blanket I chose solid black fleece and an orange and yellow tie-dye patterned fleece for the head and hand pockets. I scalloped the head pocket and tail end of the blanket to give it extra flair.

For the haunted house design I chose a bright lime green. The green makes it look like the house is illuminated by the moon with eerie light glowing out through the windows. The moon, stars and clouds are a light, pale yellow and frosty light grey while the bats are made of black hologram thread. The blanket is surged and then reinforced with heavy-duty orange thread around the edges for durability and longevity. Our giveaway prize blanket has a special design tweak, the thread is two-toned with black around the outer perimeter and orange around the inner perimeter, giving that extra-spooky feel. Wearable on the couch or while out trick-or-treating with the kids. The greatest thing about this blanket is that it folds into a pillow to decorate your house.

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